Reviewing Method

Before you dive into reading the reviews I’ve written, you may wish to know how I review each event.

I have a basic system where every match is given a rating out of 5. Many things contribute to the overall rating of the match in question, but it is essentially subjective.  I will try to be as unbiased as possible, but in the end you will probably disagree with me on many of my ratings, and that’s perfectly fine! Certain matches will appeal to you more than me, and vice versa. I’m also rather generous with my ratings at times, but like I said, it’s quite subjective. Watch the matches and comment with your own ratings, as I’d love to hear what you think of them.

You will also notice that any squash match, or match against
enhancement talent will not have a rating, as it’s purpose is not to have a good match, but to put a particular wrestler over (even if the match ends up being decent). There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but you’ll see that as you read along.

I won’t be writing a blow for blow description of every match seen. I’ll try to give a general impression of the matches in question, and provide a rating with a recommendation about the event. The reason for this is simple – writing a blow for blow description is time consuming, and if you haven’t seen the matches or shows in question, it’ll will provide too much detail and it may actually take away from your enjoyment as you watch the match. With that being said, the reviews will obviously contain spoilers, so don’t read the review if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Finally, at the end of the show I will give an overall rating of the show, based on my impressions. This has no mathematical formula behind it, but is simply what I thought of the show overall.

I also plan on comparing my overall ratings of WWF, WCW, & ECW shows to each other to determine who had the better shows for the month/year in question.  So at the end of every month of shows (lets say January 1996, for example), I’ll add an additional post comparing the overall ratings of both companies to each other. If a show doesn’t air that week, it won’t be counted in comparison (i.e.. Raw was preempted, thus not being able to compete with Nitro) .

With this in mind, if you have seen the event in question, feel free to post your own ratings! It makes for a far more fun experience if you join in on the discussion.

One final note about controversial people within wrestling, like Chris Benoit: I will be reviewing matches from him, and others, who have done horrible things. I don’t think we need to ignore his matches because of the terrible end to his life. While it is not entirely possible to detach the end from the rest of his career, I think it best to try and review the matches purely from a performance perspective. Benoit did a horrible thing, and while it casts a large and dark shadow over the rest of his career, I think to treat these shows fairly, I have to review his matches. Unfortunately, there are other figures in wrestling that have stories that are horrible too, but I will simply evaluate the matches and stories as best I can detached from the terrible things they’ve done. This does not discount the horrible things they’ve done, but recognizes that the matches are there and for the purposes of my little project here, I need to review them. So with that in mind, just know that you will encounter reviews that have Chris Benoit and other controversial figures in them. If I recommend a Benoit match, it is only because it was a good match, and I try to judge it purely from that perspective.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the reviews!


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